JPW Advertising Assignment

Brochure for The Edvocate, a website that advocates for the betterment of education

Brochure Refection 

The “client” for my public relation brochure is The Edvocate, an organization the advocates for an improved education system. They provide articles and videos to better the way children are taught. The brochure is based on a specific article written by Matthew Lynch called “18 Reasons the U.S. Education System is Failing” highlighting some of the flaws in American schools. I included five points that I found to be relevant, significant, and feasible.

The audience I am speaking to in the brochure are teachers, parents, administrators and the government –– all of which are critical parts of the education. The language I used was simple and upbeat to appeal to all positions and roles. The focus of the brochure was to point out the flaws of American education systems while providing methods of resolution. I incorporated colorful photos and a bright color scheme to soften the criticisms to avoid offending the audience I am trying to get through to. The audience, while different in many ways, have one important commonality –– they are responsible for educating children.

The brochure is communicating the failures of the education system while offering recommendations for improvement. While American schools have done a great job teaching future generations, we need to be proactive and adapt to the changes. Accomodating the continuous developments is a difficult task, but it is essential that educators, parents and governing bodies try to keep up. While I tried to deliver the message in an encouraging tone and appearance, it does not downplay the prominence of the issues at hand.


Script for Potential Advertising Video 

“The Edvocate strives to give children the best possible education. There are simple measures that parents, teachers, and the administrations can take to improve the education system. Parents, get involved! Learning continues even after the dismissal bell rings. Teachers, keep learning alongside your students! Keep up with modern methods of teaching and adapt to your students’ needs. Administors, incorporate technology into the classroom, establish strict safety regulations and consider a year-round education. Let’s improve the education of our children.”


Advertising Project Reflection

Public relations brochures and video advertisements can deliver the same message, but in slightly different ways. With the brochure, you have the ability to give your audience a substantial amount of important information. The characteristics of a successful brochure include vibrant colors, quality photos, relevant content and a clear message. The brochure I created for The Edvocate, an organization that attempts to better the education system in America, was intended to expose the flaws in education while offering remedies. The brochure had bright blues and oranges to draw attention. I included photos of schools and books, clearly showing the intention of the organization.

The script for the video advertisement was brief and very direct. Holding the attention of an audience is a daunting task because people often lose interest or get distracted quite easily. The tone of the video would be hopeful and upbeat. While the Edvocate is essentially criticizing parents, teachers, and administrators, I wanted to focus on the way that they can improve rather than what they are doing wrong. Naturally, people do not want to be reprimanded, especially when it comes to their children and students.



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